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Eco-Tourism and Tourism Consultant

Tourism Business and Eco-Tourism Consultant

Having been in, around and immersed in the eco-tourism profession for 30 + years gives Bill a distinct advantage in advising eco-tourism and tourism businesses.

He knows what guests want to experience.
And he knows the business side of how to deliver a great experience to a guest.

Bill can assist with the startup of a business and prevent costly mistakes. He can assist with a good tourism business and help make it great tourism business.

Because Bill Wright founded, owned and operated an eco-tourism business before the term ‘eco-tourism’ was coined, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his work and draws from his background to see the big picture and the smallest of details. “I am eager to assist you in any way I can to develop your new eco-tourism project or upgrade and/or expand an existing tourism project.”

Eco-Tourism Defined

Bill Wright defines Eco-Tourism

“Assisting visitors to see and experience relatively undisturbed, natural or rural areas. Guiding these guests in as low-impact a fashion as possible, and utilizing small locally owned businesses are some of eco-tourism’s goals.

I believe eco-tourism’s purpose is:
-to educate the traveler about the wildlife in that area

-to educate the traveler about the land itself; the natural history of the area

-to provide funds directly to the people who live in that community or area

-to expose the visitor to the life style of the people in that community or area

-to foster respect for different cultures and/or lifestyles”

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Bill is an exceptional consultant. With over 30 years as a successful businessman, he has a broad understanding of ALL the internal and external forces that can make or break a business.   He is clever, sensible and farsighted when it comes to creating strategies and solutions that work.   What I have appreciated most about Bill is his exceptional listening and communication skills. His remarkable business savvy has helped us overcome numerous obstacles and meet our goals.

Heather Smith, owner, Discovery Inn, San Juan Island

Bill and Colleen are founding members of the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau (SJIVB), the county's destination marketing organization since 1999.   The SJIVB was the sole responsibility of Colleen and Bill the first two years of its existence, which they did as volunteers. They disseminate information to members and wore the hats of director, marketing, Washington State liaison and membership. Bill also was chosen to represent our region on the Governors Tourism Advisory Committee.   Over the years they have both been invaluable in marketing and encouraging sustainable tourism practices in these beautiful islands.   Both Bill and Colleen have always been eager partners and willing to share their business and ecological knowledge for the good of this community.

Deborah Hopkins, Director, San Juan Island Visitors Bureau

I can help you with your tourism project

Whether you are a small business or The National Park Service - I know there is something I can do for you.