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Fees and Contracts for Eco-Tourism, Geo-Tourism, Agri-Tourism and Tourism Consulting

How I work

I find that speaking on the phone with a potential client is the best way to see if we are a "good fit" for each other. If we are, then a small retainer fee will be required and my hourly fee will be deducted from this. This works to protect you and my team. I will outline work to be done and bill for that work.

I prefer the all-inclusive approach: You and I will talk about your goals and the road to arrive there. We can then agree upon a set fee for the work or for the project. I will draw up a letter of agreement, the payment process and final cost. No surprises for you or me at billing time.

For planning purposes, this is a rough estimate of charges for my Eco Tourism time and knowledge:

• Project site visit and assessment: $1,000 per day
• Travel of a day or more: $250 per day
• Hourly consultation: $125 per hour

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I can help you with your tourism project

Whether you are a small business or The National Park Service - I know there is something I can do for you.