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Geo-Tourism as I see it, deals with non-living parts of the natural and built environments. Geo- Tourism can be looked at as the land first – then everything that came to or from the natural environment or formation. Lake Tahoe  in California and the landscape created by the Ice Age Floods in eastern Washington are two good examples in the USA.

Many people describe Geo-Tourism via the A, B, C's:
Abiotic, Biotic and Cultural

A: rocks, land features or the geology of the land
B: the flora and fauna
C: the customs and community

I believe Geo-Tourism’s purpose to be:
-to educate the traveler first and foremost about the land itself; the natural history of the area
-to educate the traveler about the wildlife and flora in that area
-to provide funds directly to the people who live in that community or area
-to expose the visitor to the life style of the people in that community or area
-to foster respect for different cultures and/or lifestyles

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